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Fully Trained Diabetic Alert Service Dog


Trained Diabetic Alert Dogs are fully trained service dogs for Diabetics. These amazing dogs alert their owners in advance of low (hypoglycemia) or high (hyperglycemia) blood sugar events. Our fully-trained service dogs are delivered to your home and come with a lifetime training guarantee. The delivery happens upon completion of the advanced training course. Once the dog is finished with its training and passes all of his or her tests, our delivery trainer will fly to your location and deliver the fully trained service dog to you. The delivery takes two days, where the delivery trainer is there in person to help answer any questions and visually show you how to care for your service dog. They have graduated a vigorous training schedule and are ready to work immediately upon their delivery to you. These dogs are considered trained service dogs by The Americans with Disabilities Act. A service dog is permitted, by federal law, to accompany you anywhere that you are entitled to go such as anywhere in public or on any commercial carriers. For more information on service dog laws please visit:



Diabetic Alert Service Dog Starter School (intermediate)

Our Diabetic Alert Dog Starter School is an intensive 12-week course for your qualified personal dog. Your personal pet dog must pass our temperament evaluation here in Las Vegas, NV. Your dog must be spayed/neutered and up to date on all vaccines prior to entering them into the course. This course is designed to get your dog off to the start he or she needs to become a Diabetic Alert Service Dog. This program gives your dog skills in basic Obedience training, Public Access exposure, and Scent detection with an active alert signal. This three-step course curriculum includes all the basic skills your dog will need to get started. Our starter school is for families who have dog training experience and can finish the training that we start at our program. This program does not include delivery. The handler must travel to Las Vegas, NV to pick up their dog once the 12 weeks is up. 


Diabetic Alert Fundamentals Course


Our Diabetic Alert Dog Fundamentals Program is an intensive 4-week course for your qualified personal dog.

This course is designed to teach your dog scent training ONLY. Meaning, this is for dogs who already have their basic and public access training completed. The client must commit to continuing the self-training requirements at home after 4 weeks in the basic training program. As 4 weeks is not enough time to be a reliable; accurate alert dog. 

For more specific pricing, please fill out an application or contact our office. 

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