Diabetes is one of the leading health issues in the US and the world. The cost in human suffering and medical resources is great.  We join the diabetic community in hoping for a cure of this disease. 

Diabetic Alert Dogs of America  needs donors, sponsors and partners!. Our current support base includes individual donors that have provided the financial resources to carry out our work. We also enjoy the support of several organizations. 


We want to increase the number of these organizations and their contributions as our program grows. We are continually seeking out new foundations that have common goals, such as supporting chronic diseases, persons with disabilities, youth or other demographics, or animal support organizations.  


Our greatest support comes from individual donors, that have heard about and donate to our program because it is consistent with their values and objectives.  Many are seeking a way to become a part of a community that they feel a committment to help.  Additionally, we regularly recieve donations provided to honor or stand as a memorial to family and friends.  We are pleased to accept these donations and honor their rememberance by carrying out our mission.


Become a Partner, Sponsor or Donor to Diabetic Alert Dogs of America today and help make a difference! 


Contact us to day to learn more about  different ways to donate! 


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