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Scent Collection info

Scent samples are a very important component used to train your Diabetic Alert Service Dog. Scent samples are used to train your dog to detect your low and high blood glucose levels. The following procedure outlines the steps for collecting and shipping your scent samples.

Please read the scent collection instructions thoroughly! All important information is addressed in the instructions. Please do not forget to mail your scent collection kit OVERNIGHT so that the jars do not grow bacteria or expire. 

What does a good scent sample look like?

Scent sample jars should be moist, full and they should be white in color. The photo below is what your scent sample jars should look like when they are ready to be mailed back to us. 


What does a bad scent sample look like?

Bad scent samples are dry, discolored, or jars are empty. If you collect scent samples within 30 minutes of eating a meal then your scent samples will be discolored or they will have food bits on them and they will grow bacteria which changes the smell of them. 


What do dry scent samples look like?

Dry scent samples do not work well for scent training as they do not have enough saturation to allow the dog to learn from the smell. 

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