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Verified BBB Client Reviews:

"Professional organization, who delivers a finished product. I am extremely pleased with my dog. Far exceeded my expectations. 5 Star on every aspect." - William D. 


"We have had Slider for 3 months and he is the greatest addition to the family. Everyone at Diabetic Alert Dogs of American made the process so smooth and very enjoyable. Anytime I have a question, they are there to help. I know it a costly purchase but Slider is worth every penny!" -Amee J.

"They are passionate about there dogs as well as the owners health and well being. Pierre saved my life over 125 just in the first year I had her she is 6 years old and still lets me know if something is up and it I am going to seize she lets me know to lay down or wakes me up after she lays on me during one. I so appreciate the life time refresher training. Which she is in need of soon. Thank You Again Diabetic Alert Dogs of America for you passion/caring." -Ladonna C.

"I have had shadow for about two and half years and she is amazing. A true life savor! After so many years she is still a perfect dog. Christy shadows trainer did a wonderful job training her. She also taught me how to keep shadows long hard training the way it is. I also love how she allows me to ask her questions after years of having her. Definitely recommend for new and old diabetics!" -Kali G.

"We worked for several years to make the decision to get a Diabetic Alert Dog for our (then 5) year old with type 1 diabetes. We were matched with Harlee, and she was delivered to Montana in January 2018. Although it was the first time she had seen snow, she bonded instantly with us. She is absolutely amazing. At first we were not quite sure what we had gotten ourselves into, but with Harlee being added to our family's regimen of diabetes care, we became more aware of blood sugar changes. She will continue to paw your leg, and doesn't give up! Diabetic Alert Dogs of America, LLC has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Within the first two weeks of having Harlee, we had one issue at daycare with her barking. I called DAD of Am, and received immediate help. They led me through the correct "correction" sequence, and it worked beautifully! Harlee goes to school with our now 1st grader, rides the bus, and goes to the after school program. The trainer even came to our son's classroom and talked to the whole class! Before we started kindergarten, we flew with Harlee down to Phoenix. What an amazing training experience. The trainer helped reinforce things we had been practicing for the last year, and then even "babysat" Harlee and worked on night alerts! It was so amazing. We truly feel like the entire company is part of our family. We had one billing issue, which the owner of the company himself called and resolved. We even started a company to raise scholarships for other families wanting a DAD from DAD of America. We strongly recommend this company to any family, after they have carefully considered what a DAD can do for them." -Rennie W.

"I am a 69 year old type 1 diabetic who was blessed to receive my Diabetic Alert Dog, Flossie, in March of 2018. Although she arrived profoundly trained, we happily continued through a "getting to know you stage" with practice on my part and hers! Flossie is bright, calm, accurate and comforting. She has been an important asset dealing with low blood sugar, especially overnight. Diabetic Alert Dogs of America has been extraordinary in their training, caring, and follow-up. I am extremely proud of my Alert Dog and am grateful that I became a client of Diabetic Alert Dogs of America." -Ann C.


"Great organization. I can't imagine life without my diabetic alert dog!! He is truly a lifesaver, not to mention a much loved member of our family. The folks at DADA were wonderful to work with and have made such a difference in my and my family's life!" -Jessie B.


"Contacting DAD of America was the Best decision I made in 2018. I came across a file that I had made for my Husband Nicholas back in late 2015. I was having serious lows back then and Nick was upset and worried because he worked out of town a lot and we were arguing about him wanting to hire a nurse when he was away. I looked up Diabetic Alert Service Dogs and found DAD of America. January 2016 was a nightmare for me because Nicholas passed away unexpectantly while taking care of culvert pipes on the ranch during a bad rain storm. I lived primarily on the ranch alone for next year and half with our youngest daughter only home on weekends as she attends school @ California School for the Deaf in Fremont. I came across the previous file I had made and decided to check it out. I filled out the application and was so excited when I received the call that I was on the list and started making payments. I was so excited and couldn't wait to make my last payment. At the time I requested a female black lab as I was missing my black lab Lady when she died. The day I got the call from Christy Weaver letting me know that they had a chocolate female lab in training who was smart and doing well in training. I got the picture and videos on her and instantly made up me mind and she was named Nikki T. I have to say I felt like a child again and could not wait till she finished her training. I was always checking out her pictures and videos. When we met we bonded instantly and she alerted me and my meter was off as I was dropping. She has become more to me than just my service dog. She makes me smile more because she has such a personality. She can read my lows, highs and my moods and with her drama queen personality she makes me know I am loved. Best Dog ever! Thank you so much for all the training and time spent with her with all of her trainers including Christy, Haley, and Ahmed. Love you all. She even knows my dexcom alerts as well and will make eye contact that she wants to see what it says. My last A1C was a 5.9! Life is so much easier and happier with me. Keep up the good work DAD of America" -Tracey Kay T.


"I can't say enough about our experience with Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. Christy and Patrick have been an amazing team for us and our pup, Lony. They are such great trainers, but they are also always there to answer questions and give guidance. They have been there for us since the very first step in this journey over a year ago and continue to be. It is quite clear that they truly love what they do. We are grateful for the hard work they put into our dog and feel much better about sending our daughter to college, knowing that she has extra protection from her boy. I would recommend DADA to anyone who is interested in starting this process." - Christine C.

"I received Sadie in October 2014 and am still thrilled with her as much as the day I received her. I tell everyone on what an amazing job you did in matching her with my medical needs and our lifestyle. Sadie is a perfect fit for us and our family. Sadie is still doing a wonderful job alerting me at night when I need it the most and has literally saved my life so many times I can not count. Please note, even though I forget to give her reminder "training" alerts periodically through the day, she is still performing. Sadie still occasionally needs reinforcement in separating "free-play & family" time vs. "working" time; but that is my job and I forget she is a dog. Thanks so much to everyone for always being there for us when we need you, your service is awesome!" -Shauna C.


"I absolutely recommend Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. My dog, Milo, delivered in January 2019, has been nothing short of amazing. I researched the company prior to my decision to purchase and found an abundance of positive reviews and experiences as well as several negative comments. The most important thing for a diabetic alert dog candidate to realize is the first dog you are matched with, may not be your final animal. I put my deposit down in September 2017. I requested a female chocolate lab. The first two dogs I was matched with were ultimately not approved for service work (due to medical and alerting issues), however, DAD of America did a wonderful job keeping me informed and updated. I ultimately was given a male yellow lab that was returned by another family for being "untrained". This was 100% not true. He was delivered to me and alerted me TWICE in the middle of the first night. DADoA does a wonderful job of preparing your animal for service work. The amount of obedience, service, and scent training is abundant and obvious. However, it's important for the recipient to realize its up to you to continue training with your dog. Training is never finished. He continues to learn everyday to be a part of my life. He has been to pottery classes, breweries, and yoga. He has gone to work and grocery stores. He has backpacked and camped with me on the Appalachian Trail. I didn't know it, but he was the exact dog I needed. Be prepared and open to working with your new partner, and you will have an amazing experience. Thank you Diabetic Alert Dogs of America!" -Katie S.

"Drago has been a lifesaver literally. I have not been so low or high to be life threatening but has kept me from reaching that point. His training was magnificent. I know I could not have done it but have been able to maintain it. He is everything I could have wished for. He is my constant companion and never leaves my side." -William G.


"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America has been a blessing to us! The trainers and staff were amazing to work with and cared very much about their work. We now have an amazing DAD for our 5 year old, T1D, daughter thanks to them! We couldn't have asked for better treatment or a better service dog. Our Teddy is perfect! Thank you, Diabetic Alert Dogs of America!" -Brittany W. 

"When we signed up for a DAD, we were very nervous about the process and what we were signing up for, but we were desperate for a solution. Kris, drives all over Atl every day and his lows were becoming a regular concern. We were assigned Endo in May of 2018 and he was delivered right before Christmas. Kris visited Vegas in October to meet Endo and Ryanne, his trainer. Through the whole process Ryanne was fantastic. She would keep us updated on Endo's progress and send us regular pictures on top of the Flikr pictures. Barb delivered Endo and also was amazing. She was honest and really helped us have realistic expectations about the coming months. Now it is March and both Barb and Ryanne keep in contact with us for support and questions. Endo continues to grow and learn more. Everyday he becomes a better service dog and catches more alerts quicker. We are so grateful for our Endo." -Aimee P.


"Maddie has been a very welcomed addition for my wife and I. She has been with me for almost two months and her alerting ability is amazing, she is ahead of my CGM and makes me question my CGM from time to time. Ahmed did a fantastic job delivering her and giving me the training necessary to understand Maddie's role in my life. He has reached out several times to make sure everything is going well for us. DAD of America had given us great support throughout the selection process. We did have to wait a bit longer than expected to meet our request, a female golden retriever with a proper temperment, but she was well worth the wait. Kudos again to her trainers, especially Ahmed, and to Christy and the staff at DAD of America." - Joe M.


"When looking for what organization I wanted to get my medical alert dog from, DADA was always my top choice and I'm grateful to have chosen them to train my medical alert dog. They were quick and paired me with my perfect dog. The trainers (Christy & Patrick) were so kind and even after the delivery of my dog Oakley to my home they reach out frequently and know how to help and make accommodations in their scheduleing to stay up to date with how Oakley is and how he is fitting into our home. Overall, my family and I could not have made a better choice in what organization to go through and I wouldn't change anything about the way they run the program and how professional, yet personable they are with their clients." -Madison C. 


"The team at Diabetic Alert Dogs of America has been wonderful. From the very start of this process they have been supportive, answered all of our questions. Ahmed, who trained and delivered Rufus was incredible. He helped our daughter learn her role in this new relationship with her DAD and he truly left an impression on our family. Whenever we have a question or concern, someone at Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is there to help us. They helped give our daughter an amazing, life saving friend, forever grateful." -Kelly B. 


"I am so happy that I chose DADA for my diabetic alert dog! They chose the perfect dog for me! My Daisy matches my personality so perfectly and she is my little angel! I have had her for two weeks now, and it still blows my mind when she alerts to a low that I was completely unaware of! I have no doubt that having her will be a lifesaver for me. I am still in awe by how well she behaves and how trained she is. The company did an amazing job of keeping me posted on her progress through weekly emails and pictures. I love that they did this because it allowed me to watch her grow and become the amazing diabetic alert dog she is today! Daisy's trainer Ahmed was so amazing with her! Ahmed trained the perfect dog for me! Ahmed and I had so much fun during her delivery! He was so amazing in working around my schedule to make sure I got all of the training I needed with Daisy! I even left town for an interview on the second day, and came back the next day to continue training with him! During the delivery, I felt as though I was hanging out with a friend! I honestly think I was more upset than Daisy when we said our goodbyes! Ahmed is a great guy, and I love how easy it is for me to ask questions. He is very responsive to my many questions that I have had which has made the transition period a lot easier. Knowing that I can reach out to him whenever is such a gift! I would reccomend this company to anyone who was searching for their own diabetic alert dog! Thank you diabetic alert dogs, and thank you Ahmed, for giving me the perfect dog! I love my Daisy!" -Jax H. 


"We are so glad that we found Diabetic Dogs of America. They picked a perfect dog for my husband. We loved Luca "our little golden retriever " the first day we saw her. She is the smallest golden anyone has seen. We couldn't wait to bring her home. She loves to travel and go shopping. Every where we go we get compliments as to how well behaved she is. One restaurant employee came by our table and she said she didn't know we had a service dog with us. She was so quiet and well mannered. We have been refused access to a two doctors offices and a restaurant in the 2 years we have had her. Other than that she is welcomed wherever we go. We have never left her other than when she is at the groomers. Thank you Diabetic Alert Dogs of America for finding us our little girl. Larry and JoAnn Blang and Luca" -JoAnn B.



"DADoA is amazing!!! We had the pleasure of having Patrick and Christy as our trainers and they were phenomenal!! Our dog Dex is incredible. He alerted within 10 minutes of arriving! We loved our entire delivery experience and in home training lessons. We loved getting to meet Patrick, our delivery trainer, and getting to know him as well as our new alert dog. He was super friendly and answered any questions we had had and overall made our transition smooth. Christy is always so helpful and open to answering any questions we had whether it be big or small. They always keep our Flickr photos and videos updated so we got to see Dex's progress every week! Their training really shows through Dex and all the incredible work he has done for me already. We are so happy to have a highly trained dog by two hard working employees!" -Remi K. 



"Working with DADA was very smooth, easy, and enjoyable. Both trainers were excellent in preparing the dog for me, and were excellent in working and training me. DADA was very professional, informative, and polite. Both trainers Haley and Ahmed, were fabulous. While waiting for Indie, we knew he was in great hands with both of them at the helm. Indie's transition to our home in Portland, OR went fabulous, and he is now doing great work for my diabetes care. We highly recommend DADA to anyone looking for a diabetic alert service dog." -Brent B.



"DADA has been a pleasure to work with from day one! We have had our service dog Morris for just over a month. He has been amazing!!!! He is better than we could have ever imagined. He is very well behaved and alerts to nearly all of my son's day time out of range episodes and has since the day we got him. Impressive. He even alerts from across the soccer field during games and practices. Mortis alerts during his playtimes and his naps as well. He never turns off. He is just starting to alert during the night as well. We have worked multiple times with both Ed and Ahmed and we really appreciate all their very educated helpful advise. They are very informative, kind and patient. My son has never been happier than he has been with Morris! He never stops hugging him and telling him how much he loves him! Morris has been a pleasure to have in our home. He is never a burden. He is amazing. He was very well trained and entered our very active family seamlessly." -Jamie H.

"DAD LLC is an awesome company and the trainers are FANTASTIC! We received our dog Ruger on October 19, 2018. He is a 1 year old black lab and such a joy to have in our home. It is amazing having a well trained obedient dog vs just a dog you try to raise yourself to be obedient. So now we get the dual great fact of obedient and diabetic alerting on top of it. We have had several phone and email conversations prior to receiving Ruger and after. Everyone is always willing to help and walk you through any and all questions. Ruger I know is sorely missed by his trainers. It must be hard training a dog for a year then giving him up. We are blessed to have him and rest assured DAD he is in a loving home. He loved his Christmas present also!" -Connie H.

"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America have exceeded my expectations 100%. My dog Sasha has truly been a blessing for me. I live in Alaska, I live alone, and I use an insulin pump and sensor. My sensor does not keep up with how fast my blood sugar drops. Sasha has no problem letting me know when my blood sugar is high or low. I have had Sasha for 3 months now. DADA has done an excellent job training her. During her training I received pictures of her,activities and updates of where she was in training. Now that she is with me the staff continues to answer questions and help when needed. They support me to continue with her training and scent games. I work in an elementary school as a nurse. Sasha is very professional and gentle with the children. She has been very accepted in the school and it is only the superior training she received that makes her welcome. I would highly recommend Diabetic Alert Dogs of America." -Tamra W.



"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America and the people that work for them is a God scent!!!! It's hard to explain how much my Jack (DAD) means and has done for me in the year and an half that I have had him!! He has saved my life twice already!!! And with Jack I'm not as afraid of my diabetes as I was before, they have trained Jack very well he smells me and alerts me as needed and he is by my side 24/7 he is my world!!! And the staff is still very helpful and is like family". -Jill T.


"My daughter's service dog, Bliss, has been an absolute blessing. Diabetic Alert Dogs of America has been amazing to work with from the beginning and has continued to be there to offer follow-up training and answer any questions or concerns we may have. Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is a class act! Very professional. Highly recommend." -Monica W.


"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is amazing! 100% exceeded my expectations from when I first heard about them! I walked in and met with Christy who luckily was one of the two trainers for my DAD Buddy. She and Patrick did such an amazing job training Buddy and I couldn't be happier with his progress. Everything all the way up to their delivery and goodbyes to Buddy were above and beyond. I also loved throughout the training process they allowed me to meet with Buddy and establish a bond with him prior to delivery. Christy and Patrick are amazing people inside and out and could not have asked for two better people to train my diabetic alert dog! He has changed my life thanks to them. Thank you again Christy and Patrick from both myself and Buddy." -Ryan T. 


"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is absolutely amazing! I've had Jackson Avery for about 7 months now and he has been an absolute lifesaver. His trainer Christy has been absolutely amazing throughout the whole process and is always quick to answer any questions I may have about any specific training issues or problems. DADA went above and beyond to pick a dog that matched my needs and would work well with my day to day lifestyle on a horse farm. They kept me updated with pictures and videos throughout his entire training process. When they delivered him to me they made sure that we could make any adjustments needed so that Avery stayed safe while working around the horses but could still keep an eye on me. I couldn't have asked for any better situation to make sure both he and I were comfortable and communicating with each other. Avery has made such a difference in my life making sure I'm safe and I owe it all to the wonderful people who dedicated their time to training and socializing him for the first year of his life. I would recommend this company to anyone looking to add a diabetic alert dog to their life, because not only do they do an amazing job training the dogs they also care about the handler." -Megan B.

"AAAAA+++++. Outstanding Service from Trainers Cindi, Nicole, Ahmed & Gus. Have had BOGIE, our male Labradoodle, for almost one year. He is the CHAMPION OF ALERTING!! I am Type 1 for 63 years with extreme hypoglycemia unawareness & my husband is Type 2. He alerts on both of us, sometimes at the same time. I am a Retired Judge of Los Angeles Superior Court & still work when needed. BOGIE comes to court with me & is fantastic in a professional environment. The attorneys who come by to my courtroom to say hi ask for BOGIE first! I feel so much safer being alone when my husband is out of town. I have fallen out of bed and broken my leg due to extreme low blood sugar. BOGIE is there for me. He is the best. We adore him. Parentsplease protect your kids. Wish I had him at age 7 when I was diagnosed in 1956. He would have been a lifesaver." -Shari S.

"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America located in Las Vegas, Nevada is a wonderful company consisting of selfless, committed trainers! We couldn't ask for more than what they delivered to our son through Rocky his service dog! Rocky performs his trained task of alerting our son to elevated blood sugars and low blood sugars quicker than even his cgm alerts! The after support you receive is wonderful, not to mention comforting, knowing your trainers will promptly be there for you and your family for the lifetime of the dog! Your trainers are only a phone call or email away no matter where you're located inside the U.S.! What a comfort it's been having Rocky for our son! As parents of a young type 1 diabetic who is hypoglycemic unaware and also hyperglycemic unaware, we highly recommend that anyone searching for a company to provide you or your child with a diabetic Alert Dog, look no further! Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is the place to go! You won't be disappointed! A+++++ Thank You Diabetic Alert Dogs of America To follow Rocky's and Davids T1DJourney together, look us up on Facebook at: #TEAMDAVID  #DefendingDavid" -Shanna J.

"I researched Diabetic Alert Dogs and various company's for 6 months before finally deciding to move forward with my decision. Over that timeframe, I contacted Diabetic Alert Dogs of America several times via phone/email to ask many...many questions. They went above and beyond answering my questions. I never felt pressured by this company to make my decision, unlike other companies. My D.A.D., Baymax, has been with me for almost 2 months. He has done a great job. My A1C has been 8.5 for the last 8 years. I'm happy to report my A1C is 7.2. His alerts have prevented several low-lows that I used to struggle with. Before Baymax, I would easily be in the low 30s-40s. Baymax catches my 150-175 range before they go higher. After a quick insulin correction, I am able to decrease the length of time I'm high. His alerts are least 30 minutes before my Dexcom alarms. I'm happy to say "I'm satisfied with my care!" and very satisfied with this company. His trainers, Ahmed and Gus did a wonderful job training Baymax. I had a meet and greet about a month before he completed his training. This allowed me to ease into learning the commands and my responsibilities once Baymax was delivered. I know that for Baymax to continue to be successful, I must reinforce his training and scent games. This is my responsibility, but I know I have the support of Diabetic Alert Dogs of America to assist me with follow-up questions/training. Hands down the best customer service I've ever experienced. The weekly email updates and Flickr video/photos were great. We loved checking in on his progress and his classmate's progress. Baymax is very intelligent and a highly trained service dog. Baymax is in a public school setting during the day. On weekends and evenings, Baymax works beside me on a farm. He's constantly around children, livestock (goats, pigs, cows, sheep), and 140,000 chickens. He does great regardless of which environment he is in, not skittish by any means. As a diabetic for almost 16 years, I know we all have our "top 5 scary lows." I had one about 2 months before Baymax. I was home with my young daughter, trying to tell her our address in case she had to call 911. I don't have a lingering fear of her having to deal with this scenario any more. I can't truly express how much Baymax has helped me manage my disease. I'm not scared to be alone with our children, fearing a scary scary low. I'm not scared to be driving down the road with our children with an unexpected low. I know that Baymax has my back and that feels so reassuring and freeing." -Jacque S.

"We received Bandit in April 2017. It was the best decision we ever made. He is so well behaved, he does great everywhere we go. Bandit has helped lower my daughter's A1c and made her more accountable with her diabetes. He has been a great fit for our daughter and our family. We love him so much!!! Bandit had the best trainers ever, without them I don't think he would be the alert dog he is. Christy stayed in constant contact with me sent me emails and pictures every week. She continues to keep in contact and offer support whenever we need it. Christy and Patrick did an amazing job making sure he was ready to come home to us. I'm so thankful for them and the job they do. When Bandit goes back to Vegas for a refresher course I will only send him to the the Weaver's. Thank you Christy and Patrick for all you do to save lives one pup at a time." -Angela C.

"I knew a few people who had DAD's before I got mine, and I believed that they worked, but I was still nervous. From the very beginning I had faith in Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. The staff sent me weekly pictures of Rider and updates to let me know how he was progressing. The website can be confusing at times and the information is overwhelming but the staff are quick to respond to emails and phone calls. Then I met Tanner and Athena. Talk about "The Dog Whisperers" this team is the best there is! They have taken every phone call, text, Facebook message, I have sent with bizarre questions I have. They love their trainees like their own and they want you to succeed. They came for our 2 day training as friends and left as family. If something does not make sense, they spend time breaking it down at any age level. Within 2 days Rider was alerting to me because they made his transition so seamless. I am forever grateful to them and DADA for bringing me Rider who saves my life everyday. " -Brittany C.

"Being a type 1 diabetic can control you or you can control your diabetes... the best thing I ever did for my health was to team up with "Moses" my diabetic Alert Dog... He really can save my life... and it gives me piece of mind.. Moses is always on and way ahead of my meter.. Not only is he my best friend but an invaluable medical tool.. Christy at DADOA was incredible with training Moses, her delivery, and her continued support with Moses and myself...they are outstanding in training and taking such great care of Moses when we need a tuneup.. and yes we need tuneups because it keeps them sharp... I would recommend Christy to anyone, she will deliver and be there throughout this process..." -Sharon R.

"Where do I begin.. DADA literally saved my life. I was sick, down in the dumps, trying to claw my way out of this hell, all by myself, no help anywhere. Nowadays people don't want to be bothered by someone else's unplanned unfortunates. I never asked for this disease. wthen I get blindsided by this disease, it ruined everything. Countless months of bad medication, doctors, research, but by some given grace I just happened to stumble across Diabetic Alert Dogs of America, I wasn't even aware there was such a thing. After some thought I finally decided to put in my application. Did it take awhile? Yes, about two years. I had zero knowledge on how the whole process worked, and the intense training it took. Fast forward to delivery day: ATHENA & TANNER; I got set up with one of nicest,compassionate trainers/persons I've EVER met. To this day they are still by my coaching/helping me get though this. God puts special people in your life for a reason; they are them! Best trainers out there!!" -Craig V. 


"Winston and I have been a team for almost 5 months and he has changed my life for the better! He is always so excited when he alerts and always good in restaurants, school, and public places. He has a very good drive and I can tell that he loves what he does. He is not only my life saving alert dog, but also my best friend. Some people would argue that dexcom and CGM's are better than dogs. However, just the other night my dexcom lost signal and Winston woke me up at 4am by pawing and licking my face. After checking my blood sugar I was 80. He was exactly right and woke me up right when he needed too! I could not be happier with choosing Diabetic Alert Dogs of America."  -Lauren D.


"My daughters service dog was delivered to us in February 2018. Loyd is an amazing dog & so well trained! He is calm & very gentle with my 9 year old T1D & my very wild 4 year old. I honestly don't think Diabetic Alert Dogs of America could have chosen a better dog for my daughter, he's perfect for her. Loyd does an amazing job alerting to my daughters blood sugars, he's always faster than the Dexcom! He alerts at night & he will even go into a different room to find my husband or me to Alert when my daughter wont wake up to him alerting. Within 2 months of having him my daughters A1C went from 8.2 to 7.2! Now that we have Loyd I don't know how we ever lived without him, he definitely makes T1D life easier! The staff at DADA are great & always helpful with any questions I have had. Loyds trainier was amazing as well." -Emmalee W.


"My 33 year old son with Down Syndorme Michael after being diagnose with Diabetic Unawareness receive his dog Ami a standard poodle in February 2018 from Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. At first we weren't sure but hopeful that Ami would do what she had been train for. I must say after almost 4 months Ami has done exactly as she was trained to do. Alerting on Micheal when his blood sugars go above 150 or below 80. We have reinforce all of her training as her trainer Josh instructed us to do to keep her on task. Ami isn't perfect and she has missed some blood sugars highs and lows yet she has hit correctly on average of 7 to 8 times out of 10. Without hesitation I would recommend DAD Diabetic Alert Dogs of America to anyone needing an Alert dog. Ami and DAD has given my wife and I and our Michael back a normal life she has on 2 occasions saved Michaels life already due to him dropping dangerously low without any typical symptoms and alerting on him. Words aren't enough God Bless." -Robert J.


"I feel that Diabetic alert dogs of America has done everything that they have said they will and have done , I have had to go for a few more training days with them and they work with you to make sure everything is working out with you and your service dog . One of the reasons I went with them is that they offered lifetime free training , you are responsible to get your self and the dog to them but thats ok . I can say I feel like family with them and the trainer and they strive to make it a great working team. I can also say that my alert dog has saved my life a few time for sure . I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them." -Mike G.


"We have had our Diabetic Alert Dog (DAD) for just over a month and all I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW! This experience has been transformative for our family in the most positive way. The folks at DAD of America have been very professional. We received weekly updates on our dogs progress via photos and videos. This past month has been challenging, while getting used to having a new working family member and rewarding as my husband has been waking up in range for days at a time. Our only regret is that we wish we had done this 10 years ago." -Holly R.


"I am extremely pleased with Diabetic Alert Dogs of America and their level of service. Once my son's dog was selected, we received weekly updates and photos if Ralphie's progress. When they delivered Ralphie, the trainer who delivered him, Ahmed, was amazingly sweet and very thorough. Ralphie alerted immediately to my son's sugar being out of range. The second night we had him he broke through a baby gate to get to me to let me know that my son was dangerously low. Ralphie is worth every single penny. Having Ralphie in the house allows me to actually sleep because I know that he will alert if something is wrong. I have been around a lot of dogs in my life, and I can honestly say I have never met a sweeter dog with such an amazing personality. He is the perfect fit for my 5 year old. This company has not only given our family peace of mind, but a beloved and cherished member of our family." -Adrianna A.


"I had purchased my DAD Gunner before he had gone to training so we had a good bond before hand. I always enjoyed how welcoming and professional Diabetic Alert Dogs of America have been. Just a few days after getting him back we had gone on a four hour plane ride and he was so well behaved and alerted me at 155, kept his head on my feet, and even got to meet the pilot which was so amazed by Gunner. I trust my dog more than I do my CGM. He is very dedicated to his job and even stops playing with other dogs to alert me. I am very grateful for Diabetic Alert Dogs of America." -Kira S.


"We received out DAD, Cody, in September 2017. He is amazing!!! He attends 3rd grade with my son and we have not had any behavioral issues. He's sweet, obedient, and best of all he is good at his job. He has often alerted even before my son's CGM alerts. He has even alerted to me about a complete stranger in the vet's office that was having a low. We are so thankful for Cody and the great job that the Diabetic Alert Dogs of America did with his training. He is definitely a blessing to our family!" -Debbie G.


"So, I am sitting here tonight, at nearly midnight, relaxed...enough that I can take time to write this letter! Type 1 parents might know this feeling. Always awake...alert, and worried about our children. DADS has changed our perspective. No...One alert dog cannot change the countless hours of testing, re-testing, and sleepless nights that have now become our "new normal". But as an ever-vigilant parent, DAD'S help more than words can ever convey. I can sleep a bit now...I can trust that when my daughter gets older (and beyond my "control") she has an amazing safety mechanism that is far superior than any current medical device on the market. No, we can never eradicate testing and correcting, but we can minimize the long-term effects of this disease, and we can enrich and fulfill our children's lives! We can tighten those blood sugar parameters; we can act sooner and more effectively with our DADS' help. We can be BETTER.... Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is there every step of the way" -Kelly M.

"I received my diabetic alert dog, Jaxon, in December 2017. Jaxon is an amazing dog and he has saved me many times since his arrival. His behavior is fantastic and his alerts are on point. Since his arrival, Jaxon has gone to robotics events, conventions and doctor's appointments. Everywhere we go, people are impressed by his behavior. Before Jaxon arrived, I had my A1C checked. This was to see how much Jaxon has helped in his time with me. When I got my A1C checked again after having Jaxon for a couple of months, My A1C had dropped from 8.7 down to 7.3. I am so glad that I went with Diabetic Alert Dogs of America when I decided to get a diabetic alert dog. They are always here to help me when I need it and made sure I was involved through the entire process of training." -Zoe L.



"We have had an excellent experience with DAD's of America. Christy W***** was so professional and great working with our 11 yr old daughters school and every one of her teachers and the Principal. Our dog alerted my daughter within the first 5 minutes of walking through the door. I've contacted Christy several times after her in home training was complete and she had gotten back to me within hours of my email with detailed information. This has been the most positive experience we have had with diabetes since our daughter's diagnosis. We love our new family memeber and rave about Diabetic Alert Dogs of America and Christy W*****. It's been a blessing for my daugher and our family." -Nannette W.


"The team at Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is exceptional. My son is a T1D and has had his dog from DAD for about 7 months. From the initial interactions through to delivery of my son's dog, every step of the process was extremely positive. My son's dog as been alerting consistently throughout these past 7 months. The training that DAD provided for both the dog and for my son has been invaluable. We have traveled several times by plane with our dog, and have had no issues whatsover! My son also just completed follow-up training with his dog at the Las Vegas site, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Everyone at DAD were extremely helpful and knowledgeable and my son left with a level of renewed confidence, not to mention improvement in his dog - in just a short two days! I would highly recommend DAD to anyone interested in having a service dog to help manage their T1D." -Jean H.


"Our dog Mary Waffles has been great! He alerted within 10 minutes of walking into our home. He does so well at alerting our daughter when she is out of range. The best thing about him is that he takes care of her at night so we don't have to worry. He is awesome at alerting her at night. It has been such a peace of mind. We love him and are so glad we have him. Thank you all" -Amy W.


"I have had a diabetic alert from Diabetic Alert Dogs of America for 2 years and she has saved my life more than once. It toll me a while to understand that she is not a pet and if I want to keep my investment I have to personally maintain her training. The support I get from the company is outstanding. I have a insulin pump with an in-line monitor. She is frequently an hour ahead of my in-line and 30 minutes ahead of my glucometer. There are times when she alerts and the glucometer reads an acceptable value and 30 minutes later I am low when she alerts again. I have learned that these are not "false" alerts. she has traveled extensively across the country with me and I have never had n issue including going through TSA. recently I was contacted by a Washington news station and shared my experience but when the report came out it only covered those who stated they were not satisfied. Would be glad to help anyone interested." -John B.

"Our experience with Diabetic Alert Dogs of America could not have been more positive! They were extremely responsive, professional and caring from the first inquiry. They were excellent in communicating with us about how our dog was doing and arranged for us to see him multiple during training (even brought him to the hospital to see his sick kiddo)! Simba arrived to us very well trained and a perfect match for the needs of our child and our family. We've had very few needs or questions regards to follow-up training or refreshers, but when questions arise, they have been answered quickly and with information that's helped us resolve the issue or improve the behavior. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. They're a top-notch organization that trains incredible service dogs. Thank you!!" -Blair S.


"I could not have asked for a better experience or a better matched dog for my son. Easy to work with, always willing to answer questions, and continue to help. Highly recommend using this company!" - Melissa S.


"I am deeply grateful for everyone at DADA. From day one, we have felt like this is a team that cares greatly about its clients and the dogs that they train. We have been thrilled with our new pup, Jeff. He started alerting within 10 minutes of being in our home and is a genuine gentleman out in public. My questions and calls were promptly answered, the handler that delivered our dog, Ahmed was amazing. He trained us patiently and thoroughly for two days. For more complicated questions, the owner, Ed Peebles would call me and I learned and continue to learn from the company's on going guidance. We really are grateful for this dog and this company." - Leslie R.


"Our experience with DAD was incredible. From beginning to end DAD provided exceptional service. The end result was delivery of an incredible dog who performs exactly as promised." -Brian G.


"HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Experience! I had so many worries and not one worry was warranted! I have a full fledged diabetic alert service dog who is wonderful with obedience, fantastic with public access (I'm already hearing, "Oh, I didn't notice you had a service dog." - the HIGHEST form of compliment for a SD handler) and his alerting to out of range BG levels are well into the 90% range! It's so nice to be in tighter control of my diabetes! I was given the knowledge to keep my dog at a high level of working dog. I'm already recommending D.A.D.A. to others." - Francine F.



"We absolutely cannot say how thrilled we are with our dog Dakota, from Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. From the moment Dakota arrived we have been beyond thrilled with his achievements and extra layer of support he offers our daughter. Today we had our biggest scare since being diagnosed 6 years ago. My 14yr old texted me her blood sugar had dropped to 30. She wasn't making sense. I work 45 minutes from the school so in a moment of panic had to 'hope' Dakota was taking care of her until I could get to her. She didn't want to get up out of class to go to the nurse and 'make a scene'. So it turns out, Dakota, from his training with Josh and the Diabetic Alert Dogs of America team, knew it was his job to get attention to this situation. This is where the "YAY DAKOTA" part comes in. He was like "you don't want to make a scene then FINE, I'll make a HUGE scene!" He began to jump over her desk, crawl under her desk, jump over, crawl under until he got her help. Amazing!" -Kerri B.


"We can't say enough wonderful things about our experience with Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. The amount of time, energy, and love our trainer Christy put into our service dog was amazing. She took the time to keep us informed of the entire training process with videos and pictures that we couldn't get enough of. With our daughter being hypoglycemic unaware our dog can catch trends up to 30 mins before we have an alert from Dexcom. It's truly incredible that he can do what he does being able to catch things so quickly means fewer and shorter lows and highs better A1C's and better overall management of her Diabetes. We don't know what we did before we got this new member of our family thanks to Christy and Diabetic Alert Dogs of America." -Amanda S.


"I got my DAD (Noodle) in April 2017. I can't say enough great things about this company. Not only does he keep me safe but he's just an extremely well trained, fun, lovable dog who gets compliments on his behavior (and his looks) all the time. My wife and I decided to get a DAD after I had a severe low blood sugar episode while sleeping. We are able to sleep much better knowing that Noodle is there to protect me. Before getting a DAD, make sure you're willing/able to put in the work with the dog to maintain its training. DAD's of America does a great job of training; however, it is up to you to work to keep your dog focused on doing his job. I recently brought Noodle in for a training session with Christy and Ahmed (who are awesome!) and she was able to give me some pointers based on my interactions with Noodle, and just that one session has made him noticeably better. Also, Josh was awesome during our in-home training. The Company is always available to help you, even after delivery." -David B.




"I have had my D.A.D. For 2 years now and he is the best thing we have ever done for my diabetes! This is the right company to use. They use positive reinforcement to train the dogs. This produces a great and effective "tool" to help control diabetes." -Jonathan K.



"We couldn't be more happy or thrilled with Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. The friendliness and professionalism of the staff and trainer was exceptional throughout the whole process. We truly felt taken care of in every aspect when it came to the training and delivery of our beautiful dog, Gypsy. Drop off and our training was also exceptional. Gypsy has bonded and is alerting our son with a 100 percent efficiency rate. Thank you DAD of America. -Lisa C.



"They go out of their way to help clients long after they have made a sale. The genuinely care for the dogs they train and the clients they help. I couldn't be happier with the service and professionalism they have shown in the years I have worked with them." -Corbin C.



"We began speaking with Christy at Diabetic Alert Dogs last last year and she was able to answer any questions I asked her and was really, really nice. We put the down payment for our dog down in mid-December or 2014. We decided on a dog they suggested for us (a gorgeous female yellow lab, Lucky) and she was delivered on 4/18/15. She came with their trainer, Gracie, and her husband and they were both amazing! Lucky has just been awesome and from the first night, woke me up twice due to blood sugars outside of range. Any issues or questions I have had have been answered promptly and effectively. They also offer a lifetime training guarantee and will board the dog for you at no cost (you just need to bring the dog to them). I really couldn't recommend them enough and love my dog to death!"  —Kerri M.


"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America was very professional and forthcoming with detailed info about the process after my first inquiry in the beginning of 2016. I'm now two months into working with Forest, a 17 month old Weimaraner and it's going VERY well. I gave this company a very difficult task and they executed with class. I'm crediting their selection process right now, as there are probably close to 50-60 Weimaraner's who could have been chosen to work with me. The patience to find the right dog and the process to find him is something I could have never done. Most people overlook this step even though it's one of - if not the most important part of the process. Highly recommended." -Matt T.



"My experience with Diabetic Alert Dogs of America is phenomenal. I had no idea how much my expectations would be exceeded. I worked with Christy who is a true expert with this process. Christy trained and delivered my dog. I can see all of the hard work, passion, and dedication she put into my dog's training. This company puts out a wonderful training process. My life as a T1D is forever changed for the better because of them. Getting my service dog with this company was hands down the best decision I've ever made!" -Marrisa J.



"I have nothing bad to say about this company. From the moment I was inquiring about getting a DAD through them to now, it has been a pleasant process. I was informed throughout my dog's training. Every question I had was answered with promptness. I have had my dog now for 5 months now and she is the best I could ever ask for." 

Elaine B.

"We love Diabetic Alert Dogs of America! Great people! They did a phenomenal job with our Finny. He works hard for our children. We have multiple type 1 children and although he is very busy he loves his job and his kiddos! If your looking for a compassionate company with the knolowledge and skill to train an amazing diabetic alert dog for you this is the right place for you! They train heros!" -Ashley M.


"We have received our DAD for a few months and I can say that we are very happy with our dog, and the services provided throughout the entire process. From start to delivery, they were attentive to our individual needs and always responded quickly to any questions or concerns. Our trainer holds a special place in our hearts becsure she has helped with my daughter's health and safety." -Chandra K.

"This is an excellent organization. The dog I received is well trained. I have lost the ability to tell highs and low and her alerts are up to an hour ahead of my in-line continuous glucose monitor. She has saved my life more than once. DAD of America promises lifetime support and they have delivered on their promise. They are always there for me when I have a question." -John B.

"I acquired a fully trained diabetic alert dog from this company. They were nothing short of accommodating and were willing to answer any and all questions I had. They were apt to supply updates and let me know how my pup was doing in his training. When he was delivered, I received two days of personak training. The trainer had suggestions, but also wanted to follow my daily schedule to show how my dog would do. So far my dog has been amazing, and life saving !!!! I've recommended this company to anyone who has inquired about my dog." -Meghan D

"After spending close to five years searching for a way to be placed with a diabetic alert dog, this company was a true blessing. My dog is highly trained and I'm confident in his abilities. The trainers have been easily accessible if I need help or advice and everyone is very professional." -Brittney K.

"We spent a long time researching and discussing with DAD about a service dog for our 12 year old. They were exceptional in working with us and delivering an amazing partner for my son. They have had strong ongoing support in the continued development and strengthening of our diabetic alert dog. We are happy to say, Isaac and Oshie make an amazing team and the more time we spend working with him and the team, the stronger he gets. He's mastered the ice rink alerts from the bleachers as Isaac is playing hockey!! Great people, great product and great support. " -Chris J.

"Our DAD is a blessing in so many ways. He is a perfect fit for my son and has saved him a couple of times. He is also a wonderful, happy, loving, funny companion. Thank you for all your help, training, care and thought you put into picking this dog for my son." -Gwen G.


"We are so happy with our experience with D.A.D. of America. From my first phone, inquiring about the process and cost, they were nothing but kind and professional. When discussing cost, they let us know that as long as we had half of the money by the time our D.A.D. was ready to come home, we could be put on a payment plan. This was very important to us, because the cost of a D.A.D. is very expensive. The staff at D.A.D. of America was always very prompt returning my phone calls or emails. We looked forward to getting updates on our D.A.D throughout her training. When our D.A.D. came home, the trainer that brought her to us was wonderful with helping us learn how to work with her. Even after she was home, the trainers and staff were very quick to answer any questions we had while transitioning with our D.A.D. I'm very thrilled with D.A.D. of America. Our dog is outstanding and we definitely feel like we are part of the D.A.D. of American family." -Erin H.

"I researched DADS for a few months befor making contact. Once I made contact I never looked back. Every person I encountered was beyond professional. They listened to me and my needs and asked many questions of me to find the right fit. I am very grateful for that. My dog is amazing! They trained him very well. I recommend DADS to anyone who is serious about having an alert dog." -Denise M.

"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America was extremely helpful in every aspect of obtaining my alert dog Penny. Anyone I reached out to was very knowledgable about the training process, and have been great resources to go to with any questions. In the first four months of having Penny, my a1c dropped over three points, and is at its lowest it has been in years! The service they provide has truly changed my life." -Rachel J.

"I would recommend Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. My son's service dog, Moose has been great. He has alerted my son numerous times and beyond and has also for my mom. Moose was very trained and we have received many compliments on how well trained he is." -Naomi Springer

"I cannot say enough about how happy I am with my new diabetic alert dog. The entire staff at Diabetic Alert Dogs of America have been a pleasure to work with. They treat you like family and do an excellent job of follow up and support. I would definitely recommend them to anyone." -Mark Y.

"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America has been one of the most excellent companies to work with and I would highly recommend them above all other companies. Their staff were all responsive, intelligent, and supportive. I have never experienced this level of care from any other company." -Drew H.

"Everyone at DADs if America are overly helpful. We are so pleased with our DAD!" -Dawn R.

"I have had my pup Andy for 8 months now and I have nothing but postive praises for this company. Not only do they answer any questions I have but the time they took to train my boy and the caring he received was amazing. I have been a type 1 diabetic for 29 years and in the 8 months Andy has been home my blood sugars are the best they have ever been. Without Andy to catch my highs and lows I would have had numerous trips to the hospital instead I have a true hero who wakes me of I am sleeping and follows me everywhere yo let me know when something is wrong. This company takes pride in their dogs and the training they provide. I am always telling people this is the company to work with for a lifesaving dog like Andy." -Kristie S.

"I received my Diabetic Alert Dog from Diabetic Alert Dogs of America, on October 17,2015. During this time my service dog, Thor has helped me reduce my A1C from a 6.5 to a 5.5, which is the best it's ever been! Thor is an excellent service dog, and companion. I could not be more pleased with our bond, and progress as a team. The staff at Diabetic Alert Dogs of America have been fantastic, they are always available to answer any questions we may have, and have helped Thor and I become the team we are today. I would highly recommend this organization to anyone considering a Diabetic Alert Dog!" -Alicia M.

"Diabetic Alert Dogs of America has honestly been there to answer all of my questions as my alert dog, Kenley and I continue to move forward with life together. There has been several environmental changes as I have moved from my home in NJ to college in NC. Since receiving my dog this company has boarded my dog for free where she also received free re training and a refresher course ultimately strengthening her alerts when she came back to me. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am so pleased and very very happy."  —Jessica M.



The above verified reviews can be located on our BBB site, along with additional reviews as well as our current A+ Better Business Bureau Rating.

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