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Diabetic Alert Dogs of America serves individuals of all ages and families affected by diabetes throughout the entire United States & Canada.


Our Mission:


To provide individuals and families that are challenged by Diabetes with world-class Service Dogs. These service dogs provide quality of life by providing independence, companionship,  and life-saving abilities.


The true measure of our success is the individual lives that are saved or changed for the better as a result of our work.



Our Pledge to You:

(advanced course option)



  • Our experienced certified dog trainers are available to you throughout your DAD’s (Diabetic Alert Dog) entire life.  


  • All-inclusive pricing. Our price includes everything from finding a perfect diabetic alert dog match, to delivering your DAD to your home and providing two days of in-home placement and training.


  • You do not need to travel to us. We will deliver your DAD to your home and provide two days of in-home training with you and your DAD. We will accompany you throughout your daily tasks including school, work, and daily errands to assist you with an easy transition. 


  • Once we deliver your DAD we will stay in contact and make sure we support you and your DAD. You will always have access to our trainers throughout your DAD’s entire life.


  • All of our dogs have a lifetime training guarantee. You can feel comfortable and secure in your decision with our 100% guarantee.


  • Our dogs live with their trainers 24/7 and are put through the most advanced training and testing in the service dog industry. We train our DADs to our client's specific scent which allows for a much shorter transition period after delivery. Your DAD will already know your scent before they arrive. 


  • Your DAD will arrive with all the equipment you will need to begin your life together including a service vest, two leads, two collars, identification cards, public service certificate, treats, food samples, and private in-home lessons with a certified dog trainer. 


  • All our dogs have a health guarantee and have been seen by a licensed veterinarian prior to delivery. Your DAD will be up-to-date on all required vaccinations and also arrive home microchipped. You will be provided all medical records including medical history and registration forms. 

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